Can Leicester City Pull Off One of the Biggest Miracles in Sports History?

Published on March 9th, 2016 2:53 pm EST


Leicester City, which started this season as one of the favourites to be relegated, now has an even money shot of pulling off the improbable and winning the English Premier League title.

According to multiple European sports books, Leicester City is either even money or slightly worse to win the title. This compares to 11/4 odds for Tottenham, 9/2 odds for Arsenal, 11/2 odds for Man City and 150/1 odds for Manchester United.

Leicester City did themselves a big favour this past weekend when they managed to pull of a road victory against Watford. Arsenal and Tottenham played to a 2-2 draw, which allowed Leicester to gain ground on both clubs.

As of this moment, Leicester City currently sits five points clear of Tottenham and eight points clear of Arsenal. Manchester City is 10 points back of Leicester, though they still have a game in hand.

To make matters worse for fans of clubs such as Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City, Leicester City has a very favourable schedule approaching. Over the next three weeks, Leicester City plays Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Southampton, with two of those games taking place at home. With just nine games left in the season, Leicester City could cement their position at the top of the league with a strong run over the next couple of weeks.

Teams like Tottenham also have favourable schedules over the next couple of weeks, though they have to make up considerable ground on a team that is current red hot. Most people have expected Leicester City to crack multiple times this season, though it still hasn't happened as of yet.

The King is in the middle of a volley next to the Leicester City FC logo

The impossible is starting to look like it might become a reality.

If you were down to your last pound, would you bet on Leicester City to pull off the victory?

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