Juventus Listed at 2.20 To Win Europa League

Published on March 23rd, 2014 1:18 pm EST

The 2013/14 Europa League field was whittled down further after the Round of 16 finished this past week.

There are currently eight teams left in the competition - they are:

FC Porto

Of the eight remaining teams, Juventus is seen as having the best odds of winning, as they are currently listed at 2.20 to win the Europa League. Benfica is up next with odds of 4.33, while FC Porto and Valencia lag far behind.


Here are the odds of all eight teams to win:

Juventus, 2.20
Benfica, 4.33
FC Porto, 7.00
Valencia, 9.00
Sevilla, 12.00
Lyon, 21.00
Basel, 21.00
AZ, 34.00

The quarter-final matches look like this:

AZ vs Benfica
Lyon vs Juventus
Basel vs Valencia
Porto vs Sevilla


The first leg of the quarter-finals will all take place on April 3rd, while the second leg will take place on April 10th. There will then be another draw on April 11th, with the semi-finals getting underway on April 24th.


Chelsea, the defending champions, are currently involved in the Champions League tournament so they will not be able to defend their title. Benfica made the finals last season and is hoping to go over the top this year, but teams like Juventus will be looking to stand in their way.

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