Hull Currently 1/5 To Be Relegated For Next Season

Published on January 1st, 2016 2:31 pm EST
While everyone is talking about Chelsea's dominance in the English Premier League so far this season, there is another battle taking place at the bottom of the table.

Every year, three teams are relegated from the English Premier League. The results of relegation are devastating, as teams miss out on the riches that come from being a member of the 20-team league. The TV revenues alone are massive, and the impact of missing out on those revenues is far-reaching.

As of this moment, there are likely five teams that could be considered serious contenders for relegation - Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Hull City and Swansea City.

Here are the standings as of this moment:

Middlesbrough, 18 points
Crystal Palace, 16 points
Sunderland, 14 points
Hull City, 13 points
Swansea City, 12 points

Here are their current odds for relegation:

Middlesbrough, 9/2
Crystal Palace, 11/2
Sunderland, 4/9
Swansea, 1/3
Hull, 1/5

The oddsmakers are telling us that the three bottom teams - Sunderland, Hull City and Swansea City - are the clear favourites to be relegated, while teams like Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace would really have to stumble to avoid being sent down.


One interesting point to make - Leicester City, which stunned the world by winning the English Premier League title last season, still has a chance of being relegated.

Sure, their odds for relegation currently sit at 16/1, making such an occurrence very unlikely, though when you compare their odds to the titans of the league (Man City, Man Utd, etc all sit at 4500/1 to be relegated), it is quite eye-popping. Leicester City is sitting in the bottom half of their table right now, with last year's successes seeming like a distant memory for their fans.

Having said that, Leicester City is doing much better in Champions League, as they finished Group stage play as the top team in their group.

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