Clash of The Titans Looming in Euro 2016 Quarter-Finals

Published on June 29th, 2016 2:45 pm EST

The most eye-popping game of the Euro 2016 quarter-finals features current World Cup champions Germany taking on Italy in a clash of the titans.

While there are certainly some mismatches in the quarter-finals (namely France v Iceland), Germany v Italy promises to be a close affair, pitting two of the nation's top football clubs against each other. Both teams are playing some high quality football at this moment, which means that anything could happen when the two sides clash on Saturday.

Germany has the edge to win, though neither team is better than a coin flip to win. Here are the current betting odds:

Germany, 2.25
Draw, 3.00
Italy, 4.00

As you can see, Germany is slightly worse than even money to win, while Italy is a substantial underdog.

Here are the odds to qualify for the semi-finals:

To Qualify

Germany, 1.53
Italy, 2.50

Here are the double chance odds for the match:

Germany or Draw, 1.25
Draw or Italy, 1.66
Germany or Italy, 1.40

Finally, the half time/full time odds:

Germany/Germany, 3.75
Germany/Draw, 15.00
Germany/Italy, 41.00
Draw/Germany, 5.00
Draw/Draw, 4.33
Draw/Italy, 8.00
Italy/Germany, 34.00
Italy/Draw, 17.00
Italy/Italy, 6.50

The King presents the upcoming match between Germany and Italy in the quarter-finals of the EURO 2016 tournament in France

This should be a fantastic match - enjoy!

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