San Marino Currently 101.00 To Win On Thursday

Published on October 8th, 2014 10:41 pm EST
It is one of the most lopsided lines that you will ever see - San Marino is currently 101.00 to win against England in a Euro 2016 qualifying match on Thursday.

Here is the current line for the game between England and San Marino:

England, 1.01
Draw, 17.00
San Marino, 101.00

England is currently in the midst of a downswing (as evidenced by their very mediocre performance in the 2014 World Cup) and has disappointed many of its fans over the past decade or so, but surely even they couldn't find a way to lose at home against San Marino on Thursday?

According to the bookmakers, the most likely outcome of Thursday's match is 6-0 or 5-0 victory for the English side. If you want to get crazy and put some money down on San Marino winning by a score of 4-0? That would pay out at a lofty 201.00.

England is heading into this match with a 1-0-0 record after notching a victory over Switzerland. San Marino, on the other hand, got their Euro 2016 qualifying off to a shaky start when they lost to Lithuania.

England has a very favourable group but they can't afford to throw away any points. They have already come out and made the bold proclamation that they are looking to notch a total of 10 wins in their group (Group E), which means that they will not be able to slip even once.


There is virtually no chance of San Marino posting a victory or even a draw on Thursday - the only question is how much England will win by.

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