Costa Rica vs USA World Cup Qualifying Betting Preview September 6th, 2013

Published on September 6th, 2013 6:51 pm EST
Costa Rica will be playing host to the USA in World Cup 2014 qualifying action on Friday evening.

The United States and Costa Rica are currently sitting at the top of the fourth round of CONCACAF qualifying bracket. As of this moment, the United States has 13 points after a total of six games, while the Costa Rica has 11 points. Mexico is in third place with 8 points, while the Honduras occupies the fourth spot with a total of seven points. The top three teams will automatically qualify for the World Cup, while the fourth place team will square off against New Zealand for a World Cup 2014 berth.


The odds for tonight's game between the United States and Costa Rica are extremely close. Let's take a look:

Costa Rica, 2.60
Draw, 2.90
United States, 3.00

Costa Rica has the very slight advantage, but it is basically a coin toss. The United States is seen as having the better team, but Costa Rica will have the home field advantage.


Here are the five likeliest outcomes of Friday's game:

Draw 1-1, 6.50
Costa Rica Wins 1-0, 7.00
United States Wins 1-0, 7.00
Draw 0-0, 7.50
USA 1-1, Costa Rica 1-1, 11.00

As you can see - razor close.


Here are the three players from each team with the best chances of scoring on Friday evening:

Costa Rica

Alvaro Saborio, 2.25
Randall Brenes, 2.75
Victor Nunez, 2.75

United States

Jozy Altidore, 2.75
Landon Donovan, 2.75
Clint Dempsey, 2.87


Finally, here are the six over/under lines for tonight's match:

Under 0.5 Goals, 7.50
Over 0.5 Goals, 1.07

Under 1.5 Goals, 2.62
Over 1.5 Goals, 1.44

Under 2.5 Goals, 1.44
Over 2.5 Goals, 2.62

Under 3.5 Goals, 1.14
Over 3.5 Goals, 5.00

Under 4.5 Goals, 1.03
Over 4.5 Goals, 11.00

Under 5.5 Goals, 1.01
Over 5.5 Goals, 21.00

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