Chelsea Clear Favourites To Beat Faltering Leicester City on Saturday

Published on October 12th, 2016 4:38 am EST
Leicester City supporters will likely have to come to terms with the fact that their club will not be challenging for another English Premier League title again anytime soon.

Leicester City stunned the world last year when they won the English Premier League title. Despite having a payroll that was a fraction of the likes of Man Utd and Man City, Leicester City managed to win the title, largely due to the boot of Jamie Vardy.

Things have changed this year, as Leicester City is once again finding itself struggling against the best clubs in the league. Chelsea, which had an absolutely miserable campaign last year, will be looking to extract a small measure of revenge on Leicester City on Saturday.


Here are the current odds for Saturday's match:

Chelsea, 4/7
Draw, 3/1
Leicester City, 9/2

As you can see from these odds, Leicester City is not being given much of a chance of winning on the road on Saturday.

Leicester City has struggled out of the gate so far this year, going 2-2-3 for a total of just 8 points, well off the pace that is currently being set by the likes of Man City and Tottenham.

Chelsea, on the other hand, is doing much better than they were at this time last year, as they have managed to put together a record of 4-1-2 for a total of 13 points. Thanks to this decent start, Chelsea has their eyes on a possible Champions League spot if their season continues to trend this way.


During the 2015/16 season, Leicester City turned the football world on its ear by moving to the top of the EPL table and never relenting over the course of the season.

Things have changed this year, however, as the biggest clubs are now sitting at the top of the table once again.

There is still time for Leicester City to turn things around, though they will need to get going soon. Can they do so against Chelsea on Saturday?

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