Punters Putting Down Major Money on Brazil To Win

Published on June 2nd, 2014 9:02 pm EST
We are currently 10 days out from the start of the World Cup, and one thing hasn't changed - Brazil are still the favourites to win it all.

In fact, despite the fact that Brazil has the narrowest odds to win, money continues to pour in on Brazil. According to multiple sports books, Brazil to win remains the most popular bet with gamblers.

The second most popular bet? Italy to win at 25/1.


It's easy to see why Brazil is such a popular bet.

If this World Cup were to be held at a neutral location, Brazil would likely still be the favourites to win. After all, they have arguably the most talented roster and are proven winners.

However, when you add in the fact that the Brazilian side will be playing in front of their rabid fans at home, they become a much bigger favourite to win. Sure, the pressure will be immense for Brazil, but they have the talent to take them over the top in even the most pressure-packed of games.


According to reports, these remain the most popular bets for the World Cup:

Brazil, 3/1
Germany, 11/2
Spain, 6/1
France, 20/1
Italy, 25/1
England, 25/1


Which team do you like the best? Do you see any value in any of the teams that are further down the list, or are you 100% confident that Brazil is going to win?

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