Teams Have Won By Five Goals on Four Different Occasions

Published on June 11th, 2021 5:32 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

From the European Cup record books.  Highest margin of victory in final tournament. The biggest margin of victory in UEFA European Championship (Euro) history is five goals, and that mark has been set a total of four times.

Three of the four games resulted in 5-0 scores, while the last was a 6-1 game that took place in 2000.


Here are the four matches where there was a margin of victory of five goals:

France 5-0 Belgium, 1984
Denmark 5-0 Yugoslavia, 1984
Netherlands 6-1 FR Yugoslavia, 2000
Sweden 5-0 Bulgaria, 2004

In 1984, Belgium actually had a decent team, though they were run over by the eventual tournament winners in France, 5-0.

Yugoslavia was terrible in 1984, finishing group play with a record of 0-0-3 and a goal differential of -8.

In 2000, FR Yugoslavia had a competitive team, as they managed to advance past the group stage to the quarter-finals. They would fall apart against Netherlands, however, giving up a tournament record six goals.

In 2004, Bulgaria was absolutely terrible, as they finished last in their group and scored just 1 goal over three games.


If you include qualifying games, the biggest blowout in Euro history belongs to Germany, who beat San Marino 13-0 in a Euro qualifying game.

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