Bayern Munich Set To Play Host to Paderborn

Published on September 22nd, 2014 5:39 pm EST
There will be no resting for some of the world's top clubs as they are thrust straight back into action on Tuesday. The likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Arsenal will all be in action on Tuesday.

These teams are back in action on Tuesday, however, in what will be an unusually busy Tuesday of league play. In addition, English Capital One Cup play will see teams like Arsenal and Liverpool in action in England.

Bayern Munich has a fairly easy match on Tuesday, as they are hosting Paderborn in Bundesliga league play. Paderborn currently sits in a tie with Mainz 05, Hoffenehim and Bayern Munich at the top of Bundesliga, but nobody is really taking the side that seriously, as evidenced by these odds for Tuesday's game between themselves and Bayern Munich:

Bayern Munich, 1.11
Draw, 8.00
Paderborn, 26.00

An away victory for Paderborn, according to the bookmakers, would pay out at an unbelievable 26.00. In short, there is basically no chance of this happening.


As mentioned, Real Madrid is also in action on Tuesday, as they are playing host to Elche in La Liga Primera action. Real Madrid has gotten off to a sketchy start so far this season, going 2-0-2 in their first four matches. This has left the team a full six points behind their arch-rivals, Barcelona.

This gulf between Real Madrid and Barcelona means that Real Madrid can't afford to lose any more games right now, especially against opponents like Elche. The good news for Real Madrid is that the bookmakers believe that the club is an overwhelming favourite to beat Elche, as evidenced by these odds:

Real Madrid, 1.08
Draw, 11.00
Elche, 34.00

According to these odds, a successful €100 wager on Elche would yield a total profit of €3,300.


Finally, as mentioned, Arsenal and Liverpool are both in action on Tuesday as they are both set to battle in English Capital One Cup play. Here are the odds for both contests:

Arsenal, 1.85
Draw, 3.40
Southampton, 4.33

Liverpool, 1.44
Draw, 4.50
Middlesbrough, 6.50


Tuesday has a packed slate of games that involve some of the top clubs in the world. Enjoy!

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