Bayern Munich Will Play Host To Werder Bremen on Saturday

Published on October 17th, 2014 7:47 pm EST
Following a slight stumble to start the year, Bayern Munich has righted themselves and have now perched themselves at the top of the Bundesliga standings.

Bayern Munich is winning this season in typical Bayern Munich fashion as they are completely choking off the offenses of the opposing clubs that they face. Case in point - Bayern Munich has allowed just 2 goals over their first 7 games of league play and possess a league leading goal differential of 13.

As it stands right now, Bayern Munich enjoys a 4 point lead over the likes of Hoffenheim and Monchengladbach. Borussia Dortmund, which has been the greatest challenge to Bayern over the past couple of seasons, have stumbled badly out of the gate, posting a record of 2-1-4 over their first 7 games.

Bayern Munich will be squaring off against league worst Werder Bremen on Saturday. Unless Bayern Munich posts a shock result on Saturday, this will probably be the last time that any team is within any sort of striking distance of Bayern Munich, as they look as strong as ever without any real challenges presenting themselves.


The odds for Saturday's contest in Bayern Munich are understandably lopsided:

Bayern Munich, 1.11
Draw, 9.00
Werder Bremen, 21.00

In case you wanted to get crazy, a successful wager on Werder Bremen would yield a total return of $2,000 if you were to bet $100. This is obviously a sucker's bet, however, as the odds of Werder Bremen notching a VICTORY on the ROAD against Bayern Munich are probably, in actuality, 100-1 or worse.

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