Bayern Munich Currently 1.10 To Defeat Benfica in Quarter-Finals

Published on March 22nd, 2016 2:46 pm EST
There are currently eight teams remaining in the Champions League tournament - Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Wolfsburg, Paris Saint-Germain, Benfica, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Manchester City.

The top clubs all wanted to match up against either Benfica or Wolfsburg in the quarter-finals, as those are the two weakest clubs still left in the tournament. In the end, Bayern Munich ended up drawing Benfica, while Real Madrid will be squaring off against Wolfsburg.

The inclusion of Wolfsburg and Benfica in the quarter-finals means that there are two matches that are expected to be lopsided, while Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid and PSG vs Man City should both be very competitive.


Of the four Quarter-Final matches, Bayern Munich vs Benfica is expected to be the biggest mismatch, as Bayern Munich is currently listed at 1.10 to qualify.

Next up - the match between Real Madrid and Wolfsburg, where Real Madrid have been listed as 1.17 favourites to win. The scrappy side from Wolfsburg, on the other hand, is listed at 4.50 to win.

Barcelona, which is still listed as the favourite to win Champions League, is listed at 1.30 to defeat Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals. The two teams have quite the rivalry going, though Atletico Madrid underwhelmed in the Round of 16, barely getting past PSV Eindhoven. Barcelona, on the other hand, is playing exceptional football right now and looks to be in no danger of losing.

The final match, which will feature Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City, currently has PSG installed as the 1.53 favourite to qualify. If PSG wins their Quarter-finals match, they will have dispatched of Chelsea and Manchester City in successive rounds.


Which teams do you think are in the greatest danger of being upset in the Quarter-Finals?

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