Bayern Munich 1.20 Favourite To Win on Friday Night

Published on August 21st, 2014 5:57 pm EST
Bayern Munich will look to get their season off to a strong start when they play host to Wolfsburg on Friday night. The contest between Wolfsburg and the reigning Bundesliga champions will officially kick off the season.

As you can probably guess, Bayern Munich is a big favourite to win on Friday. Bayern Munich is one of the top football clubs in the world, while Wolfsburg will likely fall in the middle of the Bundesliga pack this season.

Bayern Munich may be playing with more of an edge this season following their embarrassing loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals last year. Not only did Bayern Munich fall to Real Madrid, but they lost in thoroughly embarrassing fashion.


Here are the odds for Friday night's game in Bayern Munich:

Bayern Munich, 1.20
Draw, 7.00
Wolfsburg, 12.00

According to these odds, a successful €100 wager on Bayern Munich would yield a total profit of just €20, while a successful €100 bet on Wolfsburg would yield a staggering €1,100. As you can tell from these odds, bookmakers forecast that Wolfsburg basically has no shot of winning on Friday night.

Let's look at some of the odds of the more notable players of scoring on Friday night:

Robert Lewandowski, 1.44
Claudio Pizarro, 1.57
Thomas Muller, 1.57
Arjen Robben, 1.67
Mario Gotze, 1.67


Bundesliga is now upon us - what an exciting time of the year!

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