Bayern Munich to Continue Cooperation With Audi Despite Advanced Talks With BMW

Published on May 20th, 2019
Written By: Ned Wilson

Bayern and Audio sign record sponsorship deal for a car manufacturer. German football giants, Bayern Munich, announced that they will continue their sponsorship deal with another German giant, albeit automotive one - Audi, in a deal that is valued at €1 billion over the next 12 years.

Bayern had previously said that they were in advanced talks with BMW to replace Audi once their deal was to expire in 2025, and the value of purported deal was estimated to be in the area of €800 million, along with a buyout of Audi's 8,3% stake in Bayern Munich, which they acquired in 2011 for €90 million.

The sweetened offer just recently made by Audi, which will now remain Bayern's sponsor until 2032, was not going to be matched by BMW, citing lack of economic justification by the company's management, stating along the way that they have given up on striking a deal with the football club.

This will now become a largest sponsorship deal in football by a car manufacturer, eclipsing the previous mark set by Chevrolet and Manchester United in a 2015 deal valued at €60 million per year and lasting until 2022.

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