Italy Significant Favourites To Win on the Road on Saturday

Published on October 9th, 2015 9:52 pm EST
Euro 2016 qualifying matches will continue this weekend with a slate of games, including Azerbaijan playing host to Italy.

Italy currently sits at the top of Group H with a record of 5-3-0, which is good for a total of 18 points. They currently lead Norway by two points, while third place Croatia has a total of 14 points. A win for Italy in Azerbaijan on Saturday would clinch a spot for the Italian side in the Euro 2016 tournament, while Azerbaijan is essentially playing for pride at this point. In short, Italy has a great deal more to play for on Saturday than Azerbaijan, though Azerbaijan would surely relish the role of playing the spoiler for Italy and its legion of fans.

Here are the odds for Saturday's contest between the two sides:

Azerbaijan, 15.00
Draw, 4.50
Italy, 1.30

Azerbaijan are the massive underdogs to win, despite the fact that they will be playing in the friendly confines of their home stadium. A successful $100 wager on Azerbaijan would yield approximately $1,500 in profit, while a successful $100 bet on Italy would return just $30 in profit. This should show you just how big the chasm is between the talent levels of the Azerbaijan and Italian sides this weekend.


With the Euro 2016 mere months away, teams like Italy will be looking to solidify their positions in the event. It's important for a team like Italy to not let their level of play slip in the final couple of qualifying games, as those bad habits could easily carry forward into the actual tournament.


As of this moment, Italy has the sixth best odds of winning the Euro 2016 tournament, as they are currently listed at 15.00 to win. Germany is listed at 4.00 to win, followed by France at 4.50 and Spain at 7.00.

According to the bookmakers, Italy should have a hard time winning the event, as Germany and France are seen as having the superior sides.

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