Atletico Madrid Has Slight Edge To Win League Title

Published on May 11th, 2014 1:44 pm EST
With the English Premier League title now decided (Man City), the eyes of the football world now turn to La Liga.

Heading into the final few weeks of the season, three teams still have a shot of winning the title - they are:

Atletico Madrid, 1.83
Barcelona, 2.00
Real Madrid, 67.00

La Liga has produced some unbelievable action so far this season, as Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid have all been in the driver's seat for the league title over the past couple of months. Just when you think that a team is going to pull ahead and put the others far in the rearview mirror, something crazy will happen and the teams will flip-flop.

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid are all in action today - here is who they are playing:

Atletico Madrid vs Malaga
Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid
Elche vs Barcelona

Atletico Madrid is playing at home, while Barcelona and Real Madrid are both on the road.

Here are the standings at the top of La Liga as of this moment:

Atletico Madrid, 28-4-4, 88 points
Barcelona, 27-4-5, 85 points
Real Madrid, 26-6-4, 84 points

Assuming that all three teams win today, this would mean that Real Madrid would be eliminated, while Barcelona and Atletico Madrid would be battling for the title on the final day of the season. Barcelona is set to play host to Atletico Madrid on Sunday, May 18th, with the winner taking home the title.

This is going to be football at its finest if this scenario takes place - let's hope that Atletico Madrid and Barcelona both take care of their business and win today so that we get the showdown for the ages next week at Camp Nou.

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