Arsenal Currently Listed at 1.80 To Win FA Cup

Published on April 9th, 2015 6:49 pm EST

The 2014/15 English FA Cup is now down to four teams:

Aston Villa

The two semi-final match-ups, which are set for next weekend, look like this:

Reading vs Arsenal
Aston Villa vs Liverpool

The assumption is that both Arsenal and Liverpool will win their matches, setting up a high-octane battle between two of the world's most storied franchises in the finals. Here are the odds for the semi-final matches:

Reading, 11.00
Draw, 5.00
Arsenal, 1.25

Aston Villa, 5.00
Draw, 3.50
Liverpool, 1.57

The expectation that both Arsenal and Liverpool will win is evidenced by the current outright odds to win the FA Cup, which look like this:

Arsenal, 1.80
Liverpool, 2.62
Aston Villa, 8.00
Reading, 21.00

According to William Hill, the teams have the following chances of winning the tournament outright:

Arsenal, 55.56%
Liverpool, 38.17%
Aston Villa, 12.5%
Reading, 4.76%

So, if the remainder of the tournament was played out a total of 1,000 times, Arsenal would be expected to win 555 times, while Reading would win less than 50 times.


The FA Cup Final will take place at Wembley Stadium on May 30th.

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