Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich Both Favoured To Win at Home

Published on March 14th, 2016 6:13 pm EST
Champions League Round of 16 action continues this week with four games - PSV Eindhoven vs Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich vs Juventus, Man City vs Dynamo Kyiv and Arsenal vs Barcelona.

Of the four games, two have essentially already been decided, as both Barcelona and Man City scored decisive road victories in their respective matches. PSV Eindhoven vs Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich vs Juventus, on the other hand, may provide a bit of drama, as the underdogs both managed home draws.

Here are the odds for the PSV Eindhoven/Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich/Juventus matches this week:

Atletico Madrid, -333
PSV Eindhoven, +1000

Bayern Munich, -225
Juventus, +600

The draw in the Atletico Madrid/PSV Eindhoven game is going for +400, while the draw in the Bayern Munich/Juventus game is listed at +350.

Atletico Madrid has a bit more to worry about than Bayern Munich, as Atletico Madrid was held to a 0-0 draw in the first leg. Bayern Munich, on the other hand, managed two very important road goals en route to a 2-2 draw of Juventus.

Having said that, Juventus is seen as a significantly stronger side than PSV Eindhoven, so neither Atletico Madrid or Bayern Munich will have a decidedly easy time of things this week.

On the other hand, Barcelona and Man City both managed road victories in the first leg of their match-ups, so they are essentially guaranteed victory heading back home, provided that they don't experience a massive and unexpected blow-up.

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