Man City Current Favourites To Win Second Straight Title

Published on May 12th, 2014 7:47 pm EST
The 2013/14 English Premier League season just wrapped up with Man City winning their second title in the last three years.

Heading into this season, bookmakers were expecting that three teams, Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea, would be battling for the league title. In the end, Man Utd fell off, while Arsenal and Liverpool both outperformed expectations. In the end, however, Man City rose above everyone else and were able to secure the title. Liverpool, which was looking strong to win the title with just a few weeks left in the season, were left to shake their heads in bewilderment.


Looking forward to the 2014/15 Premier League season, oddsmakers are projecting that Man City are the current favourites to win their second straight title.

Chelsea, as you can see from the odds below, will be hot on the heels of Man City, while Man Utd and Liverpool are currently projected as the third best teams in the league:

Man City, 15/8
Chelsea, 9/4
Liverpool, 11/2
Man Utd, 11/2
Arsenal, 9/1

Can Man Utd rebound after an absolutely horrible season? How will Liverpool cope after coming so close to winning the title this year?


in the English Premier League, you have the top four or five teams, and then you have everyone else.

Here are the odds for everyone else:

Tottenham, 33/1
Everton, 80/1
Newcastle, 400/1
Southampton, 500/1
Stoke, 2000/1
Aston Villa, 2000/1
Swansea, 2000/1
West Ham, 5000/1
Hull, 5000/1
West Brom, 5000/1
Sunderland, 5000/1
Leicaster, 5000/1
Burnley, 5000/1
Crystal Palace, 10000/1

The 2014/15 English Premier League season officially gets underway on Saturday, August 16th, 2014.

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