Crystal Palace Currently The Favourite To Be Relegated

Published on July 31st, 2013 6:10 pm EST
Which teams will be relegated following the end of the 2013/14 English Premier League season?

Hull follows close behind, as they are currently listed at 1.61 to be relegated. These odds mean that a successful £100 wager on Hull being relegated would yield a total profit of £61.

Next up are the teams who are at least 10.00 or worse to be relegated:

Cardiff, 2.75
Norwich, 4.00
Stoke, 4.00
Sunderland, 5.50
Fulham, 7.50
Swansea, 7.50
Aston Villa, 8.00
West Brom, 8.00
Southampton, 8.00
West Ham, 9.00
Newcastle, 9.50

Next up, Everton, who are currently listed at 29.00 to be relegated following this upcoming season.

Finally, the teams that have virtually zero chance of being relegated:

Liverpool, 501.00
Tottenham, 501.00
Arsenal, 1001.00
Chelsea, 2501.00
Man City, 5001.00
Man Utd, 5001.00

That's right - you can actually bet on teams like Man City and Man Utd being relegated! Don't mortgage your house for those wagers..


Note: In the English Premier League, the bottom three teams are relegated every year.

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