Both Teams Looking To Rebound Following Losses

Published on June 18th, 2014 3:35 am EST

Uruguay will be taking on England in Group D action on Thursday, with both teams desperately needing wins in order to advance from the group.

Uruguay suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Costa Rica in their first game of the World Cup. Luis Suarez did not play in that game, however, and Uruguay's best player is expected back in their lineup when they take on England.

England, on the other hand, dropped a 2-1 contest to Italy in their first game of the tournament.

Both Uruguay and England desperately need wins on Thursday. The situation is slightly more dire for Uruguay, however, as they already dropped a game against a team that they should have beat.


Here are the odds for Thursday's contest:

Uruguay, 3.40
Draw, 3.25
England, 2.15

While England clearly has the edge in this one (at least according to the odds), I don't see how anybody could take their side with a clear head, given the level of disappointment that the team has dished out to their fans over the past couple of decades. England has a tendency to come up just short in all of their biggest international contests - will Thursday be any different? One thing is for sure, England will need a big performance from their biggest star, Wayne Rooney, if they hope to beat Uruguay on Thursday.

How will Uruguay and England rebound following their losses? How much of an impact will Luis Suarez have on the game? We'll find out on Thursday.

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