Netherlands Has Edge To Win in Euro 2016 Qualification Clash

Published on September 5th, 2015 10:44 pm EST
Qualifying for the Euro 2016 tournament will continue on Sunday with a number of interesting clashes, including a game between Turkey and the Netherlands.

This is a very important game for both Turkey and the Netherlands, as you can see from the Group A standings below:

Iceland, 18 points
Czech Republic, 16 points
Netherlands, 10 points
Turkey, 9 points
Latvia, 4 points
Kazakhstan, 1 point

Iceland has been the surprise of the group, as they have not dropped a contest during the first seven games of qualification. The Czech Republic has played very well also, which means that Iceland and the Czech Republic will likely move on from the group, which leaves Netherlands and Turkey to fight for the third spot in the group. The top third place team in any group automatically moves on to the Euro 2016 tournament, while the remaining third place teams are left to battle it out in third place playoff games for the remaining four spots.


Turkey is playing at home on Sunday but they are still underdogs to win. Here are the current betting odds for Sunday's contest:

Turkey, 3.30
Draw, 3.30
Netherlands, 2.20

The oddsmakers believe that Netherlands, despite playing away from home, will likely come out on top on Sunday. The game is of incredible importance, as a win for either team will move them solidly into the third spot in the group. If Netherlands wins, they will be 4 points clear of Turkey. If Turkey wins, they will be two points ahead of the Netherlands.


Turkey vs the Netherlands is certainly one of the most compelling contests on Sunday's schedule - who do you think will come out on top?

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