Sevilla 2/5 Favourite To Win at Home on Wednesday

Published on February 21st, 2017 2:53 pm EST
Soccer Ball - UEFA Champions League style Leicester City is one of the most compelling stories in sports this year. Fresh off of a shocking English Premier League title win last season, the team is now struggling mightily and has a decent shot of being relegated at the end of the year.

That EPL win, however, produced a spot in the Champions League tournament for Leicester, and they have made the most of it so far, as they are currently in the Round of 16. So, we currently have a situation where a team that is facing relegation in the EPL also has a chance (however slim it may be) of winning Champions League.


Here are the odds for the match between Sevilla and Leicester City:

Sevilla, 2/5
Draw, 4/1
Leicester, 8/1

Sevilla has the clear advantage as they are the home team on Wednesday. Sevilla, however, is favoured to move on to the quarterfinals, as evidenced by these odds:

To Qualify:

Sevilla, 2/7
Leicester, 5/2


Leicester City's fans have been in a strange state so far this year. Their team has struggled immensely in the English Premier League, though they have always held the faint glimmer of hope when it comes to Champions League.

Are their hopes and dreams for this season about to be crushed by Sevilla? If Leicester City fails to advance past this round, the team and its fans get to face the ugly situation that is the English Premier League, as their club, which defeated teams last season such as Chelsea and Manchester City to win the title, now sits just a single point out of relegation. To make matters worse, Leicester sits just two points ahead of the 19th and 20th place teams, Crystal Palace and Sunderland.


This is an interesting match-up that has a number of story lines - who do you think will win?

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