Serena Williams Heavy Favourite To Win Australian Open

Published on January 29th, 2016 9:14 pm EST
Serena Williams has absolutely owned the Australian Open, as she has won the event six times in her career as a singles player.

Williams, who came extremely close to winning a Grand Slam last year, will be looking to win her first major of the year on Saturday as she battles Angelique Kerber in the finals of the Australian Open. Williams has been totally dominant so far at the Australian Open, as she hasn't dropped a single set so far.

Angelique Kerber will obviously have her work cut out for her on Saturday, as she will be tasked with dispatching of the world's #1 ranked female player. The oddsmakers don't believe that Kerber has much of a chance of winning, as evidenced by these odds:

Serena Williams, -900
Angelique Kerber, +550

This is as one-sided as you will see the odds in the finals of a Grand Slam tournament and just goes to show how dominant Serena Williams is right now.

Here are the set betting odds:

Serena Williams Wins 2-0, -275
Serena Williams Wins 2-1, +333
Angelique Kerber Wins 2-0, +800
Angelique Kerber Wins 2-1, +1100

Will Kerber feel the pressure on Saturday? That's the question, as this will be her first appearance in a Grand Slam final. Kerber's previous best finish were semi-finals appearances at the 2012 Wimbledon and 2011 US Open events.

Serena Williams, on the other hand, has played in many, many Grand Slam final matches and will be able to deal with the bright spotlight that will be shining on Saturday's match. Can the same be said for Angelique Kerber? We'll soon find out.

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