Scotland 29/20 To Win at Home on Sunday Evening

Published on March 26th, 2017 5:07 am EST
Group F action will continue on Sunday evening when Scotland plays host to Slovenia.

Assuming that England defeats Lithuania at home on Sunday, Slovenia will need three points in order to keep pace with the group leaders from England. Here are the current Group F standings as of this moment:

England, 3-1-0, 10 points
Slovenia, 2-2-0, 8 points
Slovakia, 2-0-2, 6 points
Lithuania,1-2-1, 5 points
Scotland, 1-1-2, 4 points
Malta, 0-0-4, 0 points

First and foremost, Slovenia wants to keep a hold of their second place spot in the group on Sunday, though there is a scenario in which they could potentially take over the top spot in the group. That would assume, however, that England loses to Lithuania at home on Sunday evening, which seems exceedingly unlikely.


Here are the odds for Sunday's game between Scotland and Slovenia:

Scotland, 29/20
Draw, 2/1
Slovenia, 5/2

Here are the five likeliest outcomes of Sunday's match:

Draw 1-1, 9/2
Scotland 1-0, 5/1
Draw 0-0, 11/2
Slovenia 1-0, 7/1
Scotland 2-0, 9/1

Jordan Rhodes, 12/5
Chris Martin, 12/5
Milivoje Novakovic, 15/8


With the top team in the group (likely England, based on the way that things have gone so far) pushing through to the World Cup in 2018, this leaves the rest of the teams in the group to fight for the second place spot, which provides an entry to the runner-up playoffs which will see four more teams sent to the big tournament.

For this reason, the looming battle between Slovenia and Scotland takes on extra importance.

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