Whooping 520,000 Ronaldo Juventus Shirts Already Sold Since Transfer Announcement

Published on July 16th, 2018
Written By: Ned Wilson

CR7 - Cristiano Ronaldo - Number 7 Juventus jersey / shirt - 2018/19 season. The frenzy surrounding Ronaldo's arrival in Juventus has already begun with reports of more than half a million Ronaldo Juventus shirts sold, estimated at €105 per shirt, in just the first 24 hours since the signing was announced.

And although the clubs only take between 15%-20% of the revenue from shirt sales, the apparel providers are certainly willing to pay more to the clubs that generate significant demand for its apparel, which is certainly a case with Juventus, while a significant growth in sales will also bring with it some sales-performance bonuses which are expected to kick-in as the sales in all Juventus apparel have seen growth in the past few days.

Current six-year Juventus deal with Adidas was signed in a 2015/2016 season and is estimated to be worth €140 million in total with additional on-field performance bonuses and licensing arrangements which are estimated to bring in another €10 million per season for the Italian side.

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