Roger Federer 1/5 Favourite To Defeat Marin Cilic

Published on July 15th, 2017 1:00 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
Can Roger Federer continue his destruction of the men's draw when he battles Marin Cilic in the Wimbledon final on Sunday afternoon?

Federer, who is 35 years of age, has savaged the competition this summer, as he has not lost a set as he has cruised to the finals of Wimbledon. Lederer has defeated four ranked players - Berdych, Raonic, Dimitrov and Zverev - in straight sets at Wimbledon, and he hopes to post another easy victory on Sunday when he does battle against the #7 ranked Cilic.

The bookmakers believe that Federer is going to cruise to an easy victory, as evidenced by these odds:

Roger Federer, 1/5
Marin Cilic, 4/1

The games handicap:

Marin Cilic, +5.5
Roger Federer, -5.5

Set Betting:

Roger Federer 3-0, 10/11
Roger Federer 3-1, 11/4
Roger Federer 3-2, 6/1
Marin Cilic 3-2, 11/1
Marin Cilic 3-1, 11/1
Marin Cilic 3-0, 14/1

Total Sets

3 Sets, 1/1
4 Sets, 7/4
5 Sets, 3/1


Times have certainly changed in the tennis world.

Novak Djokovic seems to have completely lost his game. Serena Williams is on indefinite leave from the tour as she has her first baby.

One thing that remains constant, however, is the exceptional play of Roger Federer.

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