Real Madrid Currently Listed at 1.57 To Advance to Champions League Final

Published on May 6th, 2015 9:53 am EST

Despite losing 2-1 to Juventus on Tuesday in the first of two Champions League semi-final matches, Real Madrid remains the clear favourite to advance to the Champions League finals.

Next week, action will return to Real Madrid where the defending champions will be the clear favourites to win. Here are the current odds for the second leg match:

Real Madrid, 1.57
Draw, 4.00
Juventus, 5.50

Despite losing 2-1 on Tuesday, Real Madrid helped themselves greatly by notching an away goal, courtesy of Ronaldo. A 1-0 home victory next week will now be enough to push Real Madrid through to the finals.

Here are the current odds to qualify for the Champions League finals:

Real Madrid, 1.67
Juventus, 2.10


Despite winning on Tuesday, Juventus possesses the worst odds to win Champions League:

Barcelona, 2.50
Bayern Munich, 3.50
Real Madrid, 3.75
Juventus, 6.00

Real Madrid vs Barcelona is still seen as the likeliest finals match-up:

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2.80
Barcelona vs Juventus, 3.50
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, 3.50
Bayern Munich vs Juventus, 4.50


Real Madrid has a number of major advantages heading into next week, including the fact that they will be playing in the friendly confines of their own stadium and also the fact that they are the defending champions. Real Madrid will be drawing on all of this next week, which will make Juventus' job even harder.

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