Real Madrid/Juventus Champions League Final Trading at 1/25

Published on May 5th, 2017 2:29 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
According to the bookmakers, the odds of a Real Madrid/Juventus Champions League final now sits at 1/25.

Real Madrid and Juventus were seen as the two favourites to move through to the finals before the semi-finals got underway. After this week's action, nothing changed in that regard, as Real Madrid and Juventus both easily handled their opponents.

Real Madrid easily handled Atletico Madrid 3-0 at home, with Cristiano Ronaldo once again leading the way. Atletico Madrid wasn't able to notch an away goal, which will make their task even harder once the opening whistle blows for the second leg of their contest.

Things are even worse for Monaco, as they were shut out 2-0 at home at the hands of Juventus. Monaco will now have the near impossible task of defeating Juventus by at least two goals while on the road. Given how well Juventus has been playing this season, there is virtually no chance of this happening.


As mentioned, the odds of Real Madrid and Juventus meeting in the finals currently sits at 1/25.

Here are the other finalist odds, in case you were curious:

Juventus/Atletico Madrid, 16/1
Real Madrid/Monaco, 16/1
Atletico Madrid/Monaco, 225/1


Both Atletico Madrid and Monaco have the same odds to qualify for the finals - 20/1.

Monaco has a smaller deficit to overcome, but they must do it on the road. Atletico Madrid is playing at home, though they must win by at least three goals while overcoming the fact that they didn't notch any road goals.

In short - you can take a Juventus/Real Madrid final to the bank. In case you were curious, Real Madrid is currently the 11/13 favourite to win the Champions League final, while Juventus is listed at 23/20.

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