Real Madrid Currently 2.75 To Win Champions League

Published on April 28th, 2016 5:43 pm EST


The first legs of the two Champions League semi-final games were played earlier this week, with Real Madrid and Manchester City battling to a 0-0 draw and Atletico Madrid topping Bayern Munich 1-0 at home.

Real Madrid is hosting the second leg of their match, so they are the clear favourites to advance to the finals. Bayern Munich, on the other hand, will be facing a tougher battle at home, as they will need to defeat Atletico Madrid and try to post a clean sheet at the same time. Atletico Madrid has shown no signs of going quietly during their Champions League run, so Bayern Munich may end up going the way of Barcelona if they aren't careful.


Heading into the semi-finals, Bayern Munich were the favourites to win it all. After the first leg, things are even closer, with Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich all having virtually identical odds of winning:

Real Madrid, 2.75
Atletico Madrid, 3.25
Bayern Munich, 3.25
Manchester City, 7.50

Real Madrid does have some injury issues that they are dealing with, though they are still expected to move past Man City to the finals.

The King is going over the latest odds for the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League.  Sitting in his office, drinking from the golden mug and surfing the net on the laptop

Here are the odds to qualify for the finals:

Atletico Madrid, 1.67
Bayern Munich, 2.10

Real Madrid, 1.40
Man City, 2.75

The one thing that is going in Man City's favour right now is the fact that they were able to hold Real Madrid to zero goals at home. If they can somewhere manage to get one past the Real Madrid defense and play to a draw, they would be able to accomplish the inprobable and move on to the next round. That is certainly easier said than done, however.

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