Chelsea Keeper Posted 24 Clean Sheets in Single Season

Published on January 12th, 2023 8:05 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Petr Cech, the legendary Chelsea FC goalkeeper.  Illustration.  Drawing.  Art. During his time at Chelsea (2004-05 to 2014-15), goalkeeper Petr Cech posted a total of 162 clean sheets (Cech would ultimately tally 202 clean sheets during his time in the Premier League).

Cech's 2004-05 campaign with Chelsea, however, was particularly remarkable, as he posted an incredible 24 clean sheets.

This is a record that will very likely never be broken.


Given that Cech posted 24 clean sheets in 2004-05, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that Chelsea broke the record (which has since been broken) for most points in a single EPL season.

Chelsea won the title by a mile, as they posted a 29-8-1 record for a total of 95 points.

This was 12 points more than the second-place finishers from Arsenal, and 18 points more than third-place Manchester United.

The statistic that really stands out is that Chelsea allowed just 15 goals over the course of their title-winning campaign.

The next closest team in terms of defensive efficiency, Manchester United, allowed 26 goals.

In total, Chelsea allowed just 0.394 goals per game in 2004-05, which is an astonishingly low figure.

When you combined Chelsea's defense with Petr Cech in goal, opposing offenses had fits trying to score goals.


The season started off well for Cech and Chelsea, as there were seven clean sheets posted in their first eight games.

Just two clubs - Bolton Wanderers and Arsenal - were able to score two goals on Chelsea in a single game.

Chelsea lost neither of these games.


Chelsea's defense started to crack in their Champions League matches, as they allowed four goals to Barcelona in the Round of 16, five goals to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals.

The ironic thing is that Chelsea would win both of their rounds, though they would end up losing to Liverpool in the semi-finals while allowing just 1 goal.


As a result of his incredible campaign, Cech would win the PFA Team of the Year and Golden Glove awards in 2004-05.

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