4-1 Victory For Real Madrid Paid Out At 50-1

Published on June 4th, 2017 4:00 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Earlier today, Cristiano Ronaldo led Real Madrid to its third Champions League title in the past four years, as his club defeated Juventus by a score of 4-1.

Real Madrid was a well-oiled machine over the course of the match, and the outcome was never really in doubt. Real Madrid was strong from the goalkeeper out as they cruised to victory over Juventus.

Many people were expecting a very close contest on Saturday, and the odds certainly backed this up. Heading into Saturday, Real Madrid was a very slight 5/6 favourite to win, while Juventus was listed as even money.

It wasn't a surprise to learn that bookmakers were forecasting that a 1-1 draw was the likeliest outcome of Saturday's match, with most people predicting that extra time would be needed to decide a winner.

In the end, this didn't happen, as Real Madrid trounced Juventus en route to victory. Real Madrid used their considerable experience and sublime talent to lay a beating on Juventus en route to their 12th Champions League title.


So, what were the odds of Real Madrid beating Juventus by a 4-1 margin?

So, if you put down £100 on Real Madrid winning 4-1 today, you would have received a nice payday of £,5,000.

With that being said, it's unlikely that too many people saw this result coming, as it was widely expected that Juventus/Real Madrid would be a very tight contest.

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