Sports Nicknames - Coach Pop

Greg Popovich is one of the greatest NBA coaches in history and is the record-holder for all-time regular season wins.

A basketball coaching great - Greg Popovich, also known as Coach Pop - Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Digital art.

Greg Popovich is the longest active coach in all of the major sports leagues in the United States of America. In his 22 years with Antonio Spurs (and counting) he has led them to 5 NBA titles and has won the coach of the year award 3 times.

"Coach Pop", as he is called by his players and media alike, is famous for his genuine fits, where he unleashes his frustration by running on the floor during games, chasing referees, pointing and yelling. He is even better known for enforcing selflessness and teamwork ahead of personal glory, as well as cultivating relationships with people around him. Popovich always makes sure that his players know that he cares about them.

Since 1994 when "Coach Pop" started managing the Spurs he has coached the superstars such as Tim Duncan and David Robinson among others. Under his supervision the Spurs have been the most consistent franchise in the NBA.

Privately, Popovich is very quiet and for the most part he refuses to give interviews about himself or his coaching strategies.

In 2020 Greg Popovich led the US Olympics basketball team to a gold medal.


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