Sports Nicknames - King Arthur (Rey Arturo)

Arturo Vidal is a Chilean professional footballer, considered to be one of the best midfielders in the world during his prime years.


Arturo started his career in the Chilean Primera playing for Colo-Colo, where he won three domestic titles. He then moved on to Germany and played for Bayer Leverkusen for four seasons and with great performances earned a higher profile move to Juventus. In the Italian Serie A he won four consecutive league titles before moving to Bayern Munich and winning another three domestic league titles. A move to Barcelona followed, where Vidal won yet another league title making it eight consecutive league titles. After two years with Barca, Arturo moved to Inter Milan and added another league title to his name.

All his conquests, combined with his confidence on the pitch, earned him the nickname 'Rey Arturo' or 'King Arthur' in English after the legendary British leader.

Arturo Vidal is hard working, versatile and can play anywhere in midfield. He is what is called a 'Box to Box player'.

After debuting in 2008, the Chilean has 120 caps for his home country at the time of this writing. His other nicknames are Il Guerriero (The Warrior) and La Piranha, which he earned due to his aggressive playing style highlighted with hard tackles.


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