Definition of Box-to-Box Player

What is the meaning of box-to-box player in the game of football?

A box-to-box player is a term used to describe a hard-working midfielder who makes his presence felt in all four corners of the football pitch as well as the attacking and defending boxes.

A box-to-box midfielder is the most demanding position in the game and it involves non-stop running. It requires the player to have iron lungs and what seems to be an endless source of energy. A player able to play the box-to-box midfielder position well is a welcome addition to almost any team.

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A box-to-box player runs forward when his/her team is on the attack and more importantly, runs back to defend and provides a shield for the back four defenders. The box-to-box midfielder can do it all. Score goals and tackle the opposition.

Requirements to be a box-to-box midfielder are leadership and tactical awareness. They are complete players and usually make very good captains.

The well-known box-to-box midfielders in recent football history are Bastian Schweinsteiger, Steven Gerrard, Yaya Toure, Frank Lampard, Paul Pogba and Gabi.

The box-to-box midfielder is a driving force / engine of a football team.