New Zealand vs Mexico Betting Preview November 19th, 2013

Published on November 19th, 2013 6:20 pm EST
New Zealand will try and pull off the miracle when they do battle against Mexico in the second leg of their 2014 World Cup qualifying match.

Mexico has a massive lead heading into Wednesday's game, as they managed to win the first leg 5-1 in front of their home fans. While Mexico will certainly be looking to emphatically put New Zealand away on Wednesday, they will also be tinkering with their line-up as they look ahead to the 2014 World Cup next summer.

Here are the odds for Wednesday's match:

New Zealand, 7.00
Draw, 4.00
Mexico, 1.50

So, according to these odds, a successful $100 wager on New Zealand would yield a total profit of $600.

On the other hand, a successful $100 bet on Mexico would result in a total profit of $50.

According to the bookmakers, the likeliest outcome of Wednesday's match would be a 1-0 or 2-0 victory for Mexico, both of which are listed at 7.50. These results make sense, as Mexico will almost certainly be employing a strong defensive strategy on Wednesday.

The likeliest result that involves a New Zealand win would be a 1-0 result for the New Zealand side - that result is currently listed at 17.00.


Here are the three likeliest goal scorers for each side:

Shane Smeltz, 3.75
Chris wood, 4.33
Rory Fallon, 4.50

Oribe Peralta, 1.91
Aldo de Nigris, 2.00
Raul Jimenez, 2.00


Finally, here are the draw no bet odds for Wednesday's match:

New Zealand, 4.75
Mexico, 1.15

Who will win the match on Wednesday - will the underdog New Zealand be able to pull off a victory, or will Mexico secure their 2014 World Cup spot with another win?

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