Messi Currently 10/3 To Finish as Top Goalscorer

Published on May 28th, 2015 1:14 am EST
It should not surprise you to learn that Lionel Messi, who is regarded as the world's top football player, is the current favourite to finish the 2015 Copa America as the top goalscorer.

After all, the Argentinian team is the current odds-on favourite to win the tournament. Therefore, it should not surprise anybody to learn that Argentina's best player, Messi, is the favourite to finish the tournament with the most goals.

The 2015 Copa America features a host of the world's top players, including the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Jr. and Sergio Aguero. Luis Suarez, however, will not be participating due to the ban that he suffered as a result of his infamous bite at the 2014 World Cup.

Messi, as the favourite, is currently listed at 10/3 to win the goalscorer's title. Here are the other top options that are available:

Neymar, Jr., 5/1
Sergio Aguero, 10/1
Alexis Sanchez, 12/1
Gonzalo Higuain, 14/1

Some of the outliers that may have a shot include:

Edinson Cavani, 16/1
Radamel Falcao, 16/1
Eduardo Vargas, 20/1


A "Dutching" method of compiling a group of the top three players would bank you a 100% return if any of them finished as the tournament's top goalscorer.

Let's say that you wanted to take Messi, Neymar, Jr. and Sergio Aguero and wanted to bet 100 Euros. If you bet the following totals:

47.27 EUR on Messi
18.61 EUR on Aguero
34.12 EUR on Neymar, Jr.

You would guarantee yourself a profit of 104.70 EUR if any of the three players ended up as the tournament's top goalscorer.

If you wanted to bet on just Neymar or Messi winning the goalscorer's title, you would place the bets like this:

58.08 on Messi
41.92 on Neymar, Jr.

To win a profit of 151.50 on your original 100 EUR investment.

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