Man City Listed at 1.91 To Win on Tuesday

Published on December 28th, 2015 3:42 pm EST
A game with massive implications for the top of the English Premier League standings is taking place on Tuesday, December 29th, as Leicester City will be playing host to Manchester City.

As of this moment, Leicester City currently sits at the top of the EPL standings with a record of 11-5-2, which is good for a total of 38 points. Leicester City is not just one of the top stories in football this season - they are one of the top stories in all of sports, as they have managed to outduel some of the richest clubs in the world to take their place at the top of the table.

Manchester City, on the other hand, has stumbled in recent weeks and is currently sitting in fourth place with a record of 11-2-5 (35 points). Manchester City still has plenty of time to make a run at the title, though they will need to start developing some positive momentum, as they are also dealing with the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham.


Despite the fact that Leicester City is currently sitting at the top of the table, and despite the fact that Leicester City will be playing in front of their rowdy fans on Tuesday, Manchester City is still the favourite to win. Nobody would argue that Leicester City possesses a talent advantage over the side from Man City, though there is no denying Leicester's positive momentum so far this season.

Here are the current betting odds:

Leicester City, 3.75
Draw, 3.75
Man City, 1.91

According to these odds, Man City is slightly better than even money to win on Tuesday, while Leicester City is a pretty sizeable underdog to win cleanly.

According to William Hill, the two likeliest outcomes for this game are a 1-1 draw and a 2-1 result for Man City.


Man City can do themselves a big favour with a win on Tuesday. A loss, however, would leave them six points back of the table lead, which might prove to be very hard to overcome.

The King is on holidays, lounging in his chair and talking about the upcoming Barclays Premier League top of the table clash between Leicester City and Manchester City - What do the odds have to say about this one?

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