Leicester City Currently 15/8 To Win EPL Title

Published on February 28th, 2016 3:39 pm EST
A Leicester City win over Norwich City, combined with an Arsenal loss to Manchester United, has once again given Leicester the best odds to win the English Premier League.

There are four teams that have a reasonable shot of winning the EPL title at this point - they are:

Leicester City
Man City

As of this moment, Leicester City sits at the top of the table with 56 points, while Tottenham is two points behind. After that, Arsenal is in third with 51 points, while Man City is 9 points back with 47 points. Man City, however, still has one game in hand on the three teams that it is currently chasing.

Arsenal was dealt a tremendous blow this weekend after they lost 3-2 to Manchester United. A few weeks ago, Arsenal was considered the favourites to win the league title, though they have stumbled dramatically since then. With no room for error, Arsenal must play flawlessly for the remainder of the season in order to have a chance of winning, as they need to make up points and beat out three other teams.


Leicester, 15/8
Tottenham, 9/4
Arsenal, 11/4
Man City, 11/2


Over the course of this incredible season, Leicester has been written off multiple times. Every small stumble, it was thought at the time, would prove to be fatal. The team has proven to be amazingly resilient, however, and now stands a very good chance of pulling off one of the most improbable wins in the history of sports.

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