Real Madrid Currently 1.44 Favourite To Win

Published on May 23rd, 2014 3:32 pm EST
When the odds for the 2013/14 Champions League final were first announced, the line to lift the trophy looked like this:

Real Madrid, 1.57
Atletico Madrid, 2.38

Lines are moved when gamblers put money down on one side or the other. For instance, if the majority of the money is coming in on Real Madrid at 1.57, the sports books will move the line for Real Madrid down in order to receive an equal distribution of bets on both sides.

The line for the game now looks like this as of today:

Real Madrid, 1.44
Atletico Madrid, 2.70

So, based on this movement, the majority of money was coming in on Real Madrid to win, despite the fact that they opened as 1.57 favourites. Real Madrid is quite a big favourite to win, especially given the fact that Atletico Madrid just recently won La Liga.


The general consensus is that Real Madrid simply has too many big name talents that should excel in such a big match.

The biggest of all, of course, is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo will obviously be a major key to Saturday's match - will Atletico Madrid be able to slow him down?

As of this moment, the odds for Ronaldo to win "man of the match" currently sit at 4.50. After Ronaldo there is Gareth Bale at 8.00 and Diego Costa at 10.00. It's pretty safe to say that one of these three men will likely win "man of the match".


Real Madrid has won the European Cup (Champions League) a total of nine times in their history, and they are hellbent on realizing their dream of "La Decima", which refers to the club winning their 10th European Cup title.

Can they do it, or will Atletico Madrid continue their unbelievable season by winning Champions League?

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