France vs Spain Odds March 26th 2013

Published on March 23rd, 2013 9:46 pm EST
France will host Spain in a World Cup 2014 qualification match on Tuesday, March 26th. France vs Spain is arguably the top game on a day that is filled with many qualification matches.

This game is of crucial importance. France and Spain are clearly the cream of the crop in Group I, a group that also includes the lesser teams of Georgia, Belarus and Finland. As of this moment, France sits atop the group with 10 points, while Spain has 8 points. A win for Spain would move them into the lead in the Group, while a win for France would all but assure them of the top spot. The winner of each Group automatically moves on to the World Cup, while the second place finishers enter a playoff that will see four additional teams move on to the World Cup.

The odds are very close heading into this game. Let's take a look:

France, 3.10
Draw, 3.10
Spain, 2.30

These odds mean that a successful $100 bet on France would yield a total profit of $210, while a successful $100 bet on Spain would return $130 in profit.

According to the oddsmakers, these are the likeliest outcomes of the games:

1-1 Draw, 6.50
Spain Wins 1-0, 7.00
France Wins 1-0, 8.50
0-0 Draw, 8.50

The fact that the four likeliest outcomes includes two draws and a win for each team should tell you all you need to know about how close this contest should be.

Finally, the Draw No Bet odds:

France, 2.25
Spain, 1.60


Again, this is a crucial qualification match, and it should be a fantastic game.

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