Sunderland, Cardiff Current Favourites For Relegation

Published on April 16th, 2014 7:18 pm EST
At the end of each English Premier League season, the lowest placed three teams in the league are relegated to the Football League Championship.

Being relegated is obviously a very big deal. Not only is it a major hit to the pride of the team that is delegated, as well as their fans, there is also a sizeable decline in revenues that comes about from a drop from the English Premier League to the Football League Championship. There is a massive amount of TV revenues associated with being in the EPL, plus it is obviously much easier to fill your stadium when you have teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City coming to town.

This is one of the things that makes football so interesting - unlike the major North American sports leagues, the lowest ranked teams in leagues such as the EPL have something to play for. For teams such as Sunderland, each game still has the utmost importance, despite the fact that they are many points out of first place in the league.


As of this moment, there are four teams that have a very real chance of being relegated. They are:

Sunderland, 1.10
Cardiff, 1.30
Norwich, 1.44
Fulham, 1.91

As of this moment, the three bottom teams are Fulham (30 points), Cardiff City (29 points) and Sunderland (26 points). Norwich City, West Brom, Swansea City and Aston Villa are all just a couple of points ahead of Fulham, while West Ham and Hull City have a bit of breathing room.

Four more teams are still in (slight) danger of being relegated - they are:

West Brom, 8.00
Swansea, 13.00
Aston Villa, 17.00
Hull, 81.00

The rest of the teams in the EPL are safe from relegation.

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