England Gets Some Final Practice Before Euros Next Month

Published on May 27th, 2016 5:06 am EST
England will get a chance to finalize some strategy and iron out any last minute kinks when they take on Australia later today in an international friendly.

England is not considered to be one of the elite teams heading into the Euros next month, though they are firmly at the top of the next tier of teams - teams that could make some noise in the tournament if they can come together at the right time. After all, a team that includes Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy could certainly go far in the tournament - the appearance of these two formidable strikers has British fans the most hopeful they've been about their team in decades.


In terms of the friendly that is scheduled to take place later today, England is the clear favourite to win, as evidenced by these odds:

England, 1.30
Draw, 5.50
Australia, 11.00

The game, which is set to take place at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, England, doesn't really hold much importance for the Australian side. England, on the other hand, will likely be taking the game fairly seriously as they look to come together before the Euros next month.

According to the bookmakers, the likeliest outcomes of Friday's match are:

England Wins 2-0, 6.50
England Wins 1-0, 7.50
England Wins 3-0, 8.00

There are four players for the English side who have better than 2.00 odds of scoring on Friday - they are:

Daniel Sturridge, 1.83
Harry Kane, 1.83
Marcus Rashford, 1.83
Wayne Rooney, 1.95

Jamie Vardy is not going to play in the friendly due to recently getting married.


With the Euros right around the corner, I'm sure that fans can't help but wish that time could somehow be fast forwarded by two weeks.

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