Chelsea Surprising Rest of League With Strong Performance

Published on December 16th, 2016 5:36 pm EST
Last year was an absolute disaster for Chelsea, though this year has been anything but.

16 games into the 2016-17 English Premier League campaign, Chelsea is threatening to run away with the title. After 16 games, Chelsea has notched a record of 13-1-2, which puts them six points clear of both Liverpool and Arsenal. Manchester City, which was the favourite to win the title prior to the season getting underway, sits a full seven points back of Chelsea.

Chelsea has done very well on the offensive side of the ball this season, as Sergio Aguero has been his usual superlative self.

What is separating Chelsea for their competition this year, however, is its stingy defense. Through their first 16 games, Chelsea's defense has allowed just 11 goals, which ties them for the most stingiest defense in the league. This gives Chelsea a goal differential of 23 goals after 16 games, which is tops in the league.


As mentioned, Chelsea has a very good chance of running away with the title, despite the fact that the season isn't even half over.

Here are the betting odds for the six teams that still have a realistic chance of winning the title this season:

Chelsea, 4/5
Man City, 9/2
Liverpool, 6/1
Arsenal, 7/1
Manchester United, 25/1
Tottenham, 25/1

After that, the team with the next best odds of winning is Southampton, which currently has 750/1 odds to win.


Can anybody catch Chelsea this season?

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