Bosnia Has Slight Edge To Qualify

Published on November 12th, 2015 9:25 pm EST
Eight teams - Norway, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Sweden and Denmark - are vying for the remaining four spots in the Euro 2016 qualification process. By the end of the day on Tuesday, November 17th, the entire world will know which four countries will be moving on to the tournament and which four countries will be going home.

On Friday, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be playing host to Ireland, with the return match set for next Monday. Bosnia and Herzegovina finished Group B with a record of 5-2-3 (17 points), while Ireland finished in third place in Group D (5-3-2, 18 points). Bosnia had to contend with the likes of Belgium and Wales, while Ireland had to play the 800 pound gorillas from Germany.


According to the bookmakers, Bosnia has the edge heading into the playoff match against Ireland. William Hill, which is one of the world's leading bookmakers, has the Bosnian side as the 1.67 favourites to qualify for Euro 2016, while Ireland is listed at 2.10. Having said that, the odds indicate that the match is a virtual coin flip.

Here are the odds for Friday's match:

Bosnia, 1.95
Draw, 3.10
Ireland, 4.40

If you are a fan of either team, these odds mean that the Bosnian side has a 51.28% chance of winning outright, while Ireland has a 22.73% chance of winning on the road. The odds of a draw taking place, on the other hand, currently sits at 32.26%.

A successful $100 wager on Bosnia would yield a total profit of $95, while a successful $100 bet on Ireland would return $340.


Both of these teams have rabid fan bases that are desperate to qualify for the Euro 2016 tournament, which will be taking place this summer.

Who do you think will win?

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