Bayern Munich Still the Favourite To Win

Published on April 11th, 2014 3:08 pm EST
The Champions League semi-finals draw took place earlier today. It was an open draw, meaning that there were no rankings and a team's league didnít matter, meaning that two teams from the same league (Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid) could have conceivably played each other.

In the end, here is how the draw ended up playing out:

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

For fans of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, this draw was bad news as the two teams that were favoured to win it all will now play each other in the semi-finals. Fans of Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, however, were heartened by the fact that a Champions League title for their club will only involve beating one of Bayern Munich or Real Madrid, and not both.

Atletico Madrid and Chelsea will kick things off with the first leg of their match on Tuesday, April 22nd, while Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will get things going on Wednesday, April 23rd. The second leg matches are set for April 29th and April 30th.


Here are the current odds to win Champions League:

Bayern Munich, 2.5
Real Madrid, 3.75
Atletico Madrid, 4.5
Chelsea, 5.5

Let's compare this to the odds before the semi-final draw:

Bayern Munich, 2.38
Real Madrid, 3.25
Atletico Madrid, 5.5
Chelsea, 6.5

As you can see, the odds of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid winning have fallen slightly, while the odds of Atletico Madrid and Chelsea winning the title have improved.


Here are the odds for the first leg Champions League semi-final matches:

Atletico Madrid, 2.00
Draw, 3.20
Chelsea, 3.20

Real Madrid, 2.25
Draw, 3.20
Bayern Munich, 2.75

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