Bayern Munich's Winning Streak Propels Them To Top of Bundesliga

Published on December 18th, 2016 9:01 pm EST
Earlier in the season, there was seemingly a glaring error at the top of the Bundesliga standings.

A number of games into the season, Bayern Munich, the perennial powerhouse of the Bundesliga, was sitting in second place. Bayern Munich, which has grown so accustomed to dominating and easily winning the league, was suddenly looking up at RB Leipzig.

Thanks to a winning streak that has included wins over the likes of Darmstadt 98, Wolfsburg and Bayer, Bayern Munich has now retaken their spot at the top of the league. RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich have identical 11-3-1 records, though Bayern Munich has a superior goal differential thanks to allowing just nine goals so far this season, so they are considered the leaders of the league.


The drama at the top of the league is setting up for a very crucial battle between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig that is set to take place on December 21st.

RB Leipzig is in an uncomfortable situation, as they are trying to stare down the hard-charging Bayern Munich club, which is seemingly gaining confidence with each passing game.


Despite Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig being tied at this point of the season, oddsmakers believe that Bayern Munich will easily win the Bundesliga title.

Here are the current odds as of this moment:

Bayern Munich, 1/9
RB Leipzig, 5/1
Borussia Dortmund, 33/1

As you can see, oddsmakers don't expect that RB Leipzig will be able to pull off the same type of drama that Leicester did in the English Premier League last year.


At the very least, Bundesliga fans are getting a tiny bit of drama this season, rather than watching Bayern Munich run away with it all.

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