Barcelona Currently Listed as 1.25 Favourites To Win

Published on May 18th, 2015 7:51 pm EST
Can Barcelona win the holy trifecta - Champions League, La Liga and the Spanish Copa del Rey - all in the same year?

On May 30th, Barcelona will do battle with Athletic Bilbao in the finals of the Copa del Rey. Barcelona, which is in absolutely dominant form right now, have opened as the heavy favourites to win.

This past weekend, Barcelona clinched the La Liga title thanks to a goal from their superstar, Lionel Messi. That represented one piece of the trifecta - the Champions League and Spanish Copa del Rey finals now lie ahead. With winnable games against Juventus and Athletic Bilbao, most are predicting that Barcelona will be able to deliver for their fans.


83 teams started in the 2014/15 Copa del Rey event and now just two remain.

Barcelona has had an easy path to the finals, defeating Huesca (12-1), Elche (9-0), Atletico Madrid (4-2) and Villarreal (6-2). Athletic Bilbao, on the other hand, have had a much harder time of things, squeaking by against the likes of Alcoyano (2-1), Celta Vigo (4-4), Malaga (1-0) and Espanyol (3-1).

Here are the odds for the final match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao:

Athletic Bilbao, 11.00
Draw, 6.00
Barcelona, 1.25

It should be noted that Barcelona will be playing in front of their home fans at Camp Nou, which should give them an even bigger advantage over their rivals.

According to the bookmakers, Athletic Bilbao has a 9.09% chance of winning the contest in regular time, while Barcelona has an 80% chance of winning in regular time.


Given the ease in which Barcelona dispatched of Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of Champions League, it seems hard to imagine that Athletic Bilbao will be able to mount much of a challenge against the likes of Messi, Neymar, Jr. and Suarez.

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