Toronto Blue Jays Currently Listed at 8/1 To Win 2013 World Series

Published on November 17th, 2012 3:31 pm EST
Toronto Blue Jays - contenders?

After the Toronto Blue Jays posted a 73-89 record last year and lost their manager to the Boston Red Sox, nobody was giving the team much of a chance to contend for the World Series next year.

That was until Alex Anthopolous and the rest of the Blue Jays' management pulled off a number of big moves that have transformed the AL East practically overnight.

Earlier this week, the Blue Jays and Marlins agreed to a massive deal (this deal is still being scrutinized by Bud Selig and hasn't been given the official OK as of yet) that will see Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle and Josh Johnson move to Toronto.

Following that, the Blue Jays announced the signing of Melky Cabrera to a two-year, $16 million deal.

These moves have transformed Toronto into a contender literally overnight.

Prior to making these moves, most Las Vegas sportsbooks had the Blue Jays at 35/1 to 40/1 to win the World Series. The problem that the Jays have had over the past 10-15 years or so is that they are contending against the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays in the AL East. Even if they managed to turn in a strong season, they were very likely to finish third in the division, at best.

With the rumored acquisition of names such as Reyes and Buerhle, the Jays suddenly stand a very real chance of contending not only for the AL East pennant, but also the World Series.

Las Vegas clearly agrees with this assessment, as the Jays are currently 11/1 to win the World Series following their flurry of deals over the past week.

Here are the top ten teams with the best shot of winning the World Series, at least according to Las Vegas:

Detroit Tigers, 17/2
Washington Nationals, 17/2
San Francisco Giants, 10/1
New York Yankees, 11/1
Toronto Blue Jays, 11/1
Cincinnati Reds, 12/1
Los Angeles Angels, 12/1
Los Angeles Dodgers, 12/1
Texas Rangers, 12/1
Atlanta Braves, 16/1

Toronto Blue Jays - contender or pretender?


The Jays recently traded for and signed reigning NL Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey to a deal. According to Bodog, the Jays are now the FAVORITES to win the World Series in 2013. Here are the current odds for the Jays and the other leading contenders:

Toronto Blue Jays, 8/1
Los Angeles Angels, 17/2
Los Angeles Dodgers, 17/2
Washington Nationals, 9/1
Detroit Tigers, 10/1
Cincinnati Reds, 12/1

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