Milos Raonic Looking To Advance To First Wimbledon Final

Published on July 7th, 2016 10:50 pm EST
The early knockout of Novak Djokovic has blown the doors on Wimbledon wide open.

Roger Federer and Milos Raonic will both be looking to be the beneficiaries of Djokovic's early loss when they battle later this week.

For Roger Federer, Friday's match against Milos Raonic represents another opportunity to win a Grand Slam. Federer is getting older by the day and there aren't going to be limitless chances to return to a Grand Slam Final.

For Milos Raonic, on the other hand, Friday's match against Federer represents a chance to reach his first ever Grand Slam final. Raonic has gotten close before but has never been able to get to the big dance - yet. With Raonic's talent, this seems just a matter of time.


Raonic will be looking to use his big serve and powerful strokes to defeat Federer, while Federer will be using his cunning, pinpoint shot placement and strong footwork.

This is truly a battle of different styles, which is why the match is so compelling.


Here are the odds as of this moment:

Roger Federer, 1.57
Milos Raonic, 2.38

According to these odds, Federer has a 63.69% chance of winning, while Raonic has a lower 42.02% chance of winning.

Here are some other odds for the match that you might find of interest:

Game Handicap Betting

Milos Raonic (1.5) - 10/11
Roger Federer (-1.5) - 4/5

Set Betting

Milos Raonic 3-1 - 9/2
Roger Federer 3-0 - 11/4
Milos Raonic 3-0 - 13/2
Milos Raonic 3-2 - 5/1
Roger Federer 3-2 - 9/2
Roger Federer 3-1 - 11/4

Total Match Games

Over 44.5 Games - 5/6
Under 44.5 Games - 5/6

1st Set Betting

Roger Federer - 4/6
Milos Raonic - 11/10

2nd Set Betting

Milos Raonic - 11/10
Roger Federer - 4/6

Can Milos Raonic take another step in his career, or will the wily Federer win another big match?

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